Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Allen's Visit to Starship in the Sea of Cortez

A special guest blog entry from Annette regarding her and Kevin's recent trip:

My wish to give our daughter a birthday gift ("barefoot sandals") outweighed my fear of sailing.
Chris and Anne-Marie choose a life I know nothing about except from what I see on TV. This is a perspective, which I know is wrong but is very difficult for me to battle. My Mom (who never went on a canoe trip) had the same problem when our family of 4 took off each summer into the Canadian wilderness canoeing.

Now I am here in the Sea of Cortez and all of my sense can experience life on water, earth and in the sea.
When we arrived in Loreto, I was struck by the athletic and healthy looking two bodies, which took our aged and tired bodies with so much warmth into their arms.
Starship had on board all of the supplies to make the most delicious meals, even champagne (given by their cruising friends from the sail vessel Grace, who knew we would arrive).
Chris and Anne-Marie supplemented all with fresh fish and clams, which made some of the most delicious meals I have ever tasted.

So much thought, work and love can be seen and experienced in every corner of Starship, from the small stuff like custom made tooth brush holders to all the electronics to make a sailing voyage safe - Not to forget Anne-Marie's well organized computer inventory list. Do not eat one nut without checking it off the list! ☺
The Sea of Cortez greeted us with whale sightings, schools of sea lions migrating, manta rays fighting and dolphins with babies following us on the bow. How can you have dry eyes when you look at these friends of the sea in their eyes? Last month I saw the 3D movie "Deep Sea" in the I-Max theater, which is a spectacular movie. Only after snorkeling with the many colourful and different fish, sea stars and ocean plants did I realize that the movie left me with a false sense of what is really under the surface of the ocean. I was left with a silent admiration of the sea and a feeling of guilt for not knowing more.

There are a millions things which our sailing kids shared with us like, 360 degree view of the stars in heaven, glowing zoo-plankton and fish at night, and inviting a whole school class of a remote village onto the boat and giving them skurfing rides to celebrate the end of their school year.
We even got a few graduates up on the board!
Note the free range goats crossing the beach!
For the last year, Chris and Anne-Marie have worked like maniacs to afford something that is given too little value in modern times - "the value of time and how to use it meaningful for oneself." Like my little 3D I-Max experience, you need to be here to fully understand and know what it's all about.

Chris and Anne-Marie you make me proud! I'm glad that my "sailing fear" slowly reduces - Thanks Chris and Anne-Marie!

Thanks my kids for allowing me to continue to be part of your life on a path totally unknown to me. I love you and may the force be with you and that Poseidon be good to you.

P.S. Chris and Anne-Marie, I wonder where your kids will travel…... maybe to the moon? :)

Loreto Area


  1. This was so so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing Annette. You have made me want to go and visit Anne-Marie & Chris! Once in a lifetime experience.

  2. You are so living the dream I had when I was kayaking around holy spirit island in la Paz, and we were camped on the beach and a sailboat motored into the cove, threw out
    The anchor, and I sat watching, thinking... Some day...
    So 2 years later, moved to alameda and bought the C34, learned to sail, but business never let me go.
    Today we are in Cabo san Lucas, and if I had a way to call you, dudes, I would. You are so close. It has been my dream to sail the sea of Cortez. how long do you plan to stay in Soc? I figured you have gone Accross. Surprised to hear you are in mc, but it makes sense!

  3. You guys are all so beautiful! And what stunning photos. Annette - I think you could have been a writer in another life! This was so well written and filled with love & enthusiasm.


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