Chris at the bow of Starship


Captain Fox

Chris grew up in Harrow, Ontario (population ~3000). He loves designing and building things from zip lines and trebuchets to robots and custom boat windows! His temper is even-keeled and he's happiest in/on the water. His first time sailing was as an infant in an ice cooler on his parent's boat. His next real sail was on the test sail to buy his first boat in 2009 (Catalina 34). He had no idea how to sail, but just knew he'd love it. He loves sports involving the water or wind (preferably both).

He is a computer engineer and enjoys coming up with unique and efficient solutions to solve difficult problems. He hates being bored. "Luckily" something on Starship is always breaking that requires a unique solution to fix.

To learn more about Chris' professional experience and other hobbies, checkout his website at

Anne-Marie celebrates our first Mexican port of call, Cabo San Lucas


Co-Captain Annie

Anne-Marie grew up in Toronto, Ontario (population ~2.5 Million), but she is no city slicker and definitely prefers small groups of family and friends.  Her favourite memories have been in nature, usually in a canoe, but more recently on a sailboat. She loves adventures and trying new things, but often needs a little push to get started (Thanks Dad and now Chris!). If she doesn't do some sort of physical activity (run, lift weights, swim, yoga….) often, she's a grouch to be around. Luckily she's come up with a good exercise regiment she can do on Starship

She is an engineer and likes to be precise and organized.

Starship Troopers

As Anne-Marie Recalls It

Sunset at Still Water Cove, California
In an attempt to make friends in residence, my roommate and I baked a mousse cake to share. On many a doors we knocked, but nobody answered until Chris and his roommate welcomed us in. A week later Chris and I started dating….I guess he liked the cake. We had a long-distance relationship often because we were "off-term" at the University of Waterloo. Whenever one of us was at school, the other was on a work term/internship (usually not in Waterloo). The hardest was when Chris was working in California and I was completing my Masters degree in London, Ontario. It was not an easy eighteen months. 

Things are usually crazy on Starship
I thought Chris had gone crazy when he bought and started living on a 34 foot sailboat, but had no idea how to sail. I thought Chris was even crazier when he proposed this sailboat be our first home as a married couple. He really worked the whole nature/freedom/adventure angle and won me over during a glorious weekend at Angel Island on the sailboat. We wanted a more cruising/blue-water boat, so we bought an Islander 36! Getting her ready while we both worked full-time for a year was the toughest part of the journey, but in retrospect totally worth it. Captaining a sailboat to unknown anchorages, experiencing breathtaking nature from our home every day and having the luxury of time to try new things (surfing, spearfishing, yogurt making….)  are just a few of the reasons why this journey has been the most fulfilling one of our lives!

Loving life aboard Starship

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  1. I love these starship troopers and wish them all the happiness one can find on our wonderful oceans
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