Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Made it to Santa Rosalia!

Chris, Clay (my brother) and I have had an eventful (mostly good, with some very annoying thrown in) trip from Loreto to Santa Rosalia. I'm really happy to have Clay on board for a number of reasons. I've been missing family and Canada for a while, so Clay definitely helps to fill that gap and it feels like a little bit of Canada has come to Mexico. He's also an awesome cook and he helps and inspires daily in the galley (some great food pictures to come). He's big and strong…..very helpful for carrying groceries, boating supplies and water. It really is amazing how much he can carry! These first 3 weeks have been awesome and I look forward to all the good times to come during Clay's remaining 4 weeks. Clay will be writing a blog post in the next few days with more specifics.

Santa Rosalia

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  1. Call me Jealous!

    I'll be talking to you all soon I'm sure.

    I'm all is well and fun is being had, talk soon!

    Much Love,


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