Thursday, December 13, 2012

Staying Fit while Cruising

When I realized that our cruising plans would have us spending over a month in La Paz, I was a bit nervous that I would get restless. I absolutely love La Paz, but I always prefer quiet anchorages to cities. Part of what I love most about cruising is the constant exploring. What a feeling to turn the corner into a new anchorage and be stunned by the beauty of your new home just waiting to be explored.

Thanks to some great sailing ladies, I found some really fun ways to stay fit (and not feel restless) in La Paz. Sarah (S/V Hydroquest) and Lisa (S/V Molly J) introduced me to Zumba, a type of dance/fitness class. I thought it was going to be touristy, but it's all locals and all in Spanish. I'll never be able to wiggle my boobies or bootie like the women in this class, but I had lots of fun trying. One of the best parts is that it costs 70 pesos (~5.50 USD) for a week of classes!

Stephanie (S/V Le Letty) has been keeping us fit by teaching us aerial acrobatics on her boat. It's an amazing core and upper body work out. We always come back to Starship sore and happy. Stephanie is such a patient, calm and enthusiastic teacher. Thank you for the lessons! Here are some of Chris and my more graceful moves:

Here are some pictures of the pro (Stephanie) at work:

To see some of our less graceful acrobatic moves and see what else we've been up to, check out these pictures:

We look forward to having my parents visit in a few days and spending Christmas with them and my brother in Mexico! We then look forward to exploring the mainland of Mexico (Puerto Vallarta area) with Herb and Michelle in the New Year.'s Puddle Jump Time :D !!!

La Paz


  1. acrobatics? wow. don't forget about your single leg squats!


  2. Sarah - SV HydroquestDecember 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Nice work Muchachas!!!


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