Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Koalas & Kangaroos!

After our long passage to Australia, we needed to just relax for a little bit and take things easy. What could be more relaxing, we figured, than hand feeding kangaroos and cuddling with a koala! Luckily Crystal knew just the place, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, only a thirty minute bus ride from our hotel. There we saw all sorts of animals native to Australia, including kangaroos, platypus', wombats, tasmanian devils and of course koalas!

With our batteries recharged Anne-Marie and I were ready to tackle the logistical issues of getting all our stuff back to Canada.
Our worldly possessions on Crystal's hotel balcony
Luckily for us, it turned out there was a Pack and Send branch right beside Crystal's hotel! In no time we had all our stuff boxed and carried over to the Pack and Send for delivery, it couldn't have been easier!
Packed and ready for pickup!
With our logistics finished our time of free loading off of Crystal is coming to an end. Tomorrow we will start our journey south towards Sydney, making a few stops along the way. Thanks so much to Crystal for letting us crash in her hotel room! It has made our transition to land smoother than we ever would have thought possible!
Mexican night in Crystal's hotel room
For even more kangaroo and koala fun, checkout our picasa album here:

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