Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cabo San Lucas - Sensory Overload

After spending eight days sailing and seeing only a hand full of boats, Cabo San Lucas totally overloads your senses. There is so much going on it is hard to keep track of it all... glass bottom taxi boats zipping every which way past Starship at anchor, tourists on Jet Skis going wild, stand up paddlers, parasailers waving to us from the sky and Hobbie cats going all over the bay.

On top of that, on Saturday night it sounded like we were anchored off the set of a girls gone wild video shoot, as all we could here from the hotels nearby were disk jockeys shouting "Chug! Chug! Chug!", "Mexican Water for Everyone!!" and "Dance Sexy! Sexy!!".

Despite all the rampant tourist trap aspects of Cabo San Lucas, it is also amazingly beautiful! The bay is large with clear water and the peninsula which protects the bay has amazing rock formations and beaches.

Sunday we went over to Playa del Amor (Lovers Beach), which surprised both Anne-Marie and I with its beauty. It looked cool from Starship, but once you got close to the rocks and could see all the details it was surreal.

While sitting on the beach we saw lots of jumping stingrays, and several whales a couple hundred meters off the beach. It was interesting to watch the glass bottom taxi boats race from one whale sighting to the next trying to give their passengers a show.

Monday I checked us in so we can get on our way as soon as possible. Apparently there is no longer a customs office in Cabo so we will try to take care of that in La Paz.

It has been a fun and interesting first foreign port of call, but Anne-Marie and I are both excited to get to someplace a little more secluded. Our next stop is going to be a beach called Bahia Los Frailes, which should be much more low key. We hope to weigh anchor for that journey on Wednesday.
Cabo San Lucas

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