Friday, May 31, 2013

Busby’s Last Post - I don’t believe it…. [English]

Too much adventure, too much fun and just enough luck…

I did:
- Kiteboard
- Snorkel
- Find a coconut carb
- Feed sharks
- Held my breath for as long as I could
- Dove the deepest I could
- Explore the outer edges of the atoll
- Drift in a kayak
- Play with the fire
- Cooked food for friends
- Scuba dived at the 5th best spot in the world (according to UNESCO)

There were hundreds of sharks in less than 200m, tons of fish, a pass with current that brings you in and out. I almost didn’t escape…I almost didn’t escape. NO, not being eaten by a shark, or drifting away by a current. You’re watching too much news and TV.

I was going for a dive and when I arrived early I met the staff, chef and boss of the resort (all local Polynesians).  We were talking (and because luck is following me everywhere) the chef was going to go on vacation and they needed a replacement for 2 weeks.  So… they proposed that I stay and be the chef for the resort, with views of the coral and free dives included. This made me crazy and I was really caught off guard at the moment of the offer. I wasn’t even in the water for the dive yet….and I had the choice to change my life.

So, I went back to Starship to get a few things, so that I could stay over night at the resort and make a trial run for a day in the kitchen….just to show them what I could do.  Ha ha…!!! I’m telling you, it was pretty cool. I was cooking food in an open kitchen, overlooking the reef, coral, fish and sharks that were swimming around us.  It was a shack on pilings with a cracking floor, a kitchen where the compost is by the window (we were throwing all the food directly to the sharks… a way faster compost solution), an open sky terrace where you can dive into the water, directly into the sharks and the big napoleon fish that weigh almost 100 pounds. I will show you sceptics some pictures. I did 3 dives for free in exchange for my services and my room was just over the diving center with a view over the paradise.

But then it was the time to give my decision to the boss, after all these radical changes. Ouff! So you won’t believe me…I refused the deal. I know that you all will think that I’m crazy, but I couldn’t continue. It’s a question of timing with going back to Quebec and my deep needs for returning. I don’t regret my choice right now, but maybe when I’m back in Quebec I’m going to miss that spot. Who knows? Oh well…it was a really good experience to share all those moments with the staff and exchange our cooking knowledge, especially with the few ingredients they have.

For the job, I would have to make miracles happen from 6 am to 8 pm for 25 persons for a salary for $50/day. Baaaaaaa! I’ll pass. The experience was good, I had a good exchange with the locals and I think it was all that I needed. I have quit with respect and I left my mark.

So now we’re here at Fakarava North so I’ll be able to leave to Tahiti on the cargo ship (the Cobia). As people said, it’s a really cool to travel with the Polynesians and it’s 3 times cheaper than a plane ticket. You have to bring your own water, food and toilet paper…or else you’ll starve and smell.  So… our paths are splitting between Starship and me to give some place to Annie’s family when they come and visit in June. And on my side…the dose was good and it’s now the time for me to go back to Quebec, my home.

Thank you to Starship for allowing me to experience this wonderful adventure!
We had lots of good food, good times and I did learn a lot from Chris and Anne-Marie.

This trip will always stay in my mind and heart.

I’ll give you some news from Tahiti. You never know, maybe I’ll get a chef position or better.

See you soon family and friends. I can’t wait to see you and cook a wonderful meal for you.



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