Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Wonderful Adventure

The following is my Dad's/Kevin's perspective of our pre-cruising San Francisco days as well as his visit to Starship with my Mom in May.

Note: My Dad (Kevin GERARD Allen) signed his name Auto G because there was no need for our autopilot (Auto P) with Kevin on board. Auto G handled all sea conditions enthusiastically and without complaint!


Over the past few years I have had the good luck of spending several weeks aboard Starship. While it was a pleasure to spend time with the kids the conditions were usually cold, dark, cramped, foggy and not very windy. Mark Twain was absolutely correct about summer in San Francisco. When it was windy, several of the first voyages of Starship did not go as well as hoped.

Cold and foggy northern California days

When we went out into the ocean beyond the Golden Gate bridge we faced terrible difficulties and had to quickly turn back. The first voyage the kids took with Herb and Michelle (Chris' parents) was even worse. Over the subsequent many months Anne Marie and Chris told me many times that they were too busy to go kiting because they were doing boat projects. These ranged from electrical to plumbing to sewing to electronics to water tanks and beyond. I suggested that the kids just start the journey and sort out the projects en route.

New anchor locker separation

New windows 

Starship's usual chaos during the boat project mayhem

Why isn't this bilge pump working ?!?!?

The early difficulties have clearly resulted in the co-captains taking safety very seriously. They have all the equipment (including 3 anchors and 3 GPS's), all the necessary skills (they did very well in several courses) and the right attitude to deal well with routine and unforeseen circumstances. When one of our anchors began to slip during the night I found out that three anchors were indeed helpful. After sorting out the problem they even debriefed later to ensure the same problem would not occur again.

The kids have a wonderful set up on Starship and we were very happy to share it with them.

Then and Now

         Just before shoving off in Half Moon Bay                                Mexico

We enjoyed sailing, snorkeling, skurfing, clam gathering, wildlife watching and the occasional game of euchre and had a relaxing yet adventure filled vacation. We look forward to being regular participants in their wonderful adventure and to hearing about the parts that we cannot participate in.


Auto G

Loreto Area