Friday, April 19, 2013

Puddle Jump Pictures & Videos

What a journey it was to get here! It has "almost" already been worthwhile just from the scenery alone in Hiva Oa!
Hiva Oa on approach

At anchor in Traitor's Bay Hiva Oa!
Thanks so much to everyone who sent along words of encouragement while we were underway. It was great reading them all on our arrival here.

Checkout the photo albums and videos we have uploaded which detail our journey below:

Our friend Nick suggested we take a photo each day of the crossing.
It wasn't always easy, but we are happy to have them and here is the result!
Picture of the Day - Pacific Puddle Jump 2013

Starship Puddle Jump Video (only on the blog or youtube)


  1. This may be next year for us! Thanks for sharing pictures, stories and video - good to see and hear about other experiences.


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