Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crossed the Equator - Day 17

We have officially crossed the equator! We celebrated by eating our most luxurious food....canned brie and pate (thanks Mom & Dad) and dark Ghirardelli chocolates and sparkling wine (thanks everyone from the HPC)! What delicious treats that meant the world to us out here :) We really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you so much!

We also underwent a time honoured tradition of paying respect to Neptune and Davey Jones by making them offerings to the sea. We gave them a little of our best rum and a Polynesian Franc. Chris played the part of Neptune with a grey wig and sparkling crown and officially declared all of us Pollywogs on board Shellbacks! Lou & Patrice, thank you for the wig, crown, certificates, Polynesian franc and ceremony details. You made this day for us very special and fun.

It was really nice to have a milestone to celebrate and an occasion to break our rule of no drinking while underway.

We look forward to posting pictures when we reach land.


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