Sunday, February 26, 2012

Puerto Balandra was Goregous

Feb 19, 2012
These pictures are from a snorkeling trip we took with our dingy named "Twinkle" at Puerto Balandra.    The cove had very flat water, so we were able to row Twinkle everywhere. 
A crab pretending to a be stone (above) 
The trip ended with sunbathing on the beach and little contest. Guess who won?
 Our beautiful home in a very calm anchorage. (above)

Feb 20, 2012
We rowed to land to explore the "El Hongo" (the mushroom) rock formation and hike to the top of a near by hill. The views from the hike were amazing and gave us an even greater appreciation of the beauty of the cove we were anchored in. 

Puerto Balandra

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