Thursday, May 3, 2012

La Paz to Loreto

Well…4 weeks later and we’ve made it to Puerto Escondido (Loreto)! We’ve been moving at a snail’s pace and enjoying every minute.

For the first week of our journey north, we sailed together with Drew and Shelly from the s/v “Born Free”. It was awesome to hang out with them so much and we definitely missed them when they returned to La Paz. We’d often get an early morning (8 – 9 am) hail on channel 16…”Starship Starship this is Born Free”. Chris and I would moan at each other because we were still in bed sore from yesterday’s excursions. Born Free would be hailing us to ask if we wanted to join in for the next adventure of the day.  We had so much fun and are lucky to find a young and active couple with which we share so many of the same interests….hiking, kitesurfing, snorkeling, fishing…

Here are some sweet pictures that Born Free took of Starship:

The boys would often go spearfishing (something that Drew taught Chris) and Shelly and I would go on hikes together. It was really nice to have some girl time and a break from Chris. I know Chris enjoyed the break from me too :) I think it’s somewhat unnatural for a couple to spend ALL their time together in an often very confined space…as Chris and I do now. And these sets of circumstances have led to more stupid arguments than we normally have….so the mini-breaks from each other  were a welcomed change and good for keeping the peace aboard Starship.

Here are some pictures from my hikes with Shelly:

Spearfisherman Chris:

Because we had so much fun the first time, we went and swam with the sea lions two more times. During our first sea lion swimming experience my feelings were about 10% excitement and 90% fear. By the end of our last trip they were 95% fun/excitement and 5% fear.

Compare this to the picture in the last post!

We said good-bye to Born Free at Isle San Jose. We had a great time together with lots of communal meals and can’t wait to meet up with them again (whenever/wherever that may be).

One of the most exciting parts of this leg of the journey has been all the wonderful and delicious seafood that we’ve been eating. Chris has become a spearfishing champ! It’s awesome to watch him emerge from the depths with a fish in tow.

When he isn’t successful, we’ve been buying fish, clams and lobster off of the local fisherman. It’s inexpensive and delicious. The seafood meals that we’ve had have been some of the best meals of my life (see below). Since Chris and I have not cooked a lot of seafood before, we often get instructions from the fisherman on how to prepare the catch. It involves a lot of broken Spanish and hand gestures. Luckily it’s worked out well so far.

Our days have been really active with a lot of hiking, snorkeling/spearfishing (for Chris) and just general exploring.

We're excited to just hang out in Puerto Escondido and give our bodies a bit of a break while we provision. All this cruising is exhaustingly wonderful!

Puerto Escondido

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