Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bora Bora to Suwarrow - Day 1

We're on the road again. Good bye French Polynesia! Here we come Cook Islands!

We left at 4 pm yesterday and were treated to a beautiful sunset. Chris and I were in good spirits and excited to be moving on to a new country. I've always been very intrigued by Suwarrow. It's an uninhabited atoll lying a few hundred miles from any other island. Two Park rangers live on this National Park during the non-hurricane season and act as ambassadors and unofficial tour guides to the island. Apparently they are not given enough supplies to last the season and often trade (or show you how to gather) fish/lobsters/crabs for items they need like fresh vegetables, flour and gasoline. The wildlife, snorkeling and scenery are supposed to be amazing. I'm sure you can understand from the description why Suwarrow is one of the places I've been most excited to visit in the South Pacific. I'm curious to see for myself how it really is!

For this passage, instead of taking seasickness meds, I thought I'd try my friend Sarah's (SV Hydroquest) technique of willing myself to stay well. "I do not get seasick! I have a stomach of steel" I've been repeating in my head for last few days. It was all working very well until I threw up during my night shift... Oh well...back to seasickness meds for me!

This morning we had the worst squall ever with a heavy torrential downpour for hours! We were in our full foul weather gear (including booties)....I think the last time we got out all this stuff was in California. We quickly realized that our jackets are no longer waterproof, so it was a wet few hours :(

BUT, now the sun is shining, the wind is at our backs, the seas are small and following, our wet clothes are drying, Chris is napping peacefully below and I'm a happy and hopeful girl.

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  1. Oh my we're never going to catch up! (In Moorea now)... Miss you guys!


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