Monday, January 2, 2012

The Plan

I moved to California in January 2010. Chris convinced me to try living on a sailboat with him. "Just try it Annie. If you don't like it I promise we can live on land." After our first weekend moored at Angel Island I was hooked. The freedom of moving your entire home using just the wind is pretty amazing!

Now 2 years later we're off on another adventure. Chris quit his job in November and I have 3 days left! The plan is to sail our boat "Starship" south to Mexico in January. We want to get to warmth as soon as possible, so we plan to make few stops and get to Mexico as quickly as possible. If all goes well and we feel prepared then we're planning on participating in the "Pacific Puddle Jump" in March .... a sail from Mexico to French Polynesia. Then we would island hop our way to Australia. This is the ambitious plan and it will likely take a year, but nothing is set in stone. We really just want to have a fun and safe sailing trip. Those are the main goals. The actual destinations might change...

The main criteria we have are that we are going to continue sailing until one of the following conditions is met....
  1. It is no longer fun
  2. We run out of money
  3. I can no longer contain my baby desires
Chris thinks #3 will come first.....probably right. 

Well, that's the plan. We'll see what happens. Wherever we end, we're going to sell the boat there and then move back to Canada to start a family.

As I write this, Chris is on deck finishing a boat project, I'd better go help.

P.S. Check out our recent adventures photo gallery on the right to see pictures of us and the boat! Below are a couple pictures also.

Pillar Point Harbor

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