Monday, January 16, 2012

What we've been up to...

Chris and I have had a very busy week after getting back from Canada. We've knocked off all of the essential/safety projects. WooHoo! One of the most exciting projects to complete was the installation of all 3 bilge pumps (a 750 G/hr pump, a 4000 G/hr pump and a manual bilge pump).

Here is a picture of Chris trying to sink the boat with a garden hose.

The hose didn't have a chance...look at this flow! (I should mention that the installations for all pumps did not work right away and it was very frustrating... BUT after many hours of work, they are working perfectly now. Chris is not having any more bilge pump nightmares....thank goodness).

The last couple of days have been spent on provisioning, organizing and creating an inventory of EVERY item on the boat (with it's exact location in the boat). I'm loving the giant excel spreadsheet. I know exactly where everything is! All our kiteboarding gear is on board and there's even room for us to still sleep ;)

We also emptied all of our belongings out of our car (1991 Buick Regal aka "the Reeg") and storage van. We figured it would be hard to sell our vehicles, so we donated them to a radio station we often listen to, KQED. Chris' parents bought him the Reeg in Canada and it's been an amazing car. It's made it from Harrow to California and back 2.5 times! I absolutely love the Reeg and was sad to see it go.

In other news...Kyle (Chris' best friend) is here! YAY! His vacation so far has been spent doing boat projects for the last 2 days, so I'm really looking forward to starting the sailing fun soon. Kyle has a week off of work and we're hoping to make it to San Diego in that time.

I want to end off by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that came to the Starship Send Off party on Friday. It really meant a lot to Chris and me to share in the excitement of the trip with you all. Starship has never had so many people on board. It was awesome! Thanks for treating us to both lunch and dinner in HMB! We really are lucky to have such good friends. Please come and visit us on board! We'll miss you!

Annie out

P.S. We plan on leaving today (Monday, January 16th in the morning). There was a bit of a storm last night now, but it has cleared out and is looking like smooth sailing today.

Half Moon Bay
Conditions looking good for departure!

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  1. A few things:

    1. I <3 the bilge.

    2. Nice uber organization...typical. provisioning, organizing, inventory? Excel? Reminds me of the HPC.

    3. Long live THE REEG!!!!!!!

    4. Have an awesome and safe adventure. Don't be surprised if I come on board in May! Best of luck with everything!


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