Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introducing Jonathan - The Wild Card

Today our third crew member, Jonathan Busby has arriving in Mexico!

I met Jonathan while I was working in California. He was a kitesurfing instructor at Board Sports School where I also volunteered. We got to know each other over two summers of working at Board Sports School. When Anne-Marie and I were trying to think of who could crew with us across the Pacific, Jonathan shot to the top of the list!

Jonathan is already used to our vagabond life style, since he often spends 4-6 months of the year as a kitesufing instructor in exotic locations... Australia, The Carribean, San Francisco. The rest of the time he is a chef near his hometown of Montreal. Jonathan's first language is French which will also be super handy in French Polynesia!

Anne-Marie and I have already nick named Jonathan "The Wild Card", since he is so excited for the trip and want's to do everything you could imagine... such as night diving with sharks and kitesurfing across the equator (not going to happen!). Anne-Marie and I will certainly have our hands full tempering his enthusiasm :)

What is even happening here??
How did he get in there?? Or out?
Jonathan Busby - Wild Card
Over the next couple of weeks before we shove off we will be putting Jonathan through an extensive training program to familiarize him with Starship's systems.

You will also start to see blog contributions from Jonathan. We are still trying to figure out a good way to have him write in French and have it translated to English, when we figure something out we'll let you know. For now we have added a Google Translate feature to the blog (on the right panel) so that Jonathan's friend's and family can read the post in French.

Punta de Mita

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  1. I think Jonathon should post en Francais - - after all, Starship is a Canadian flagged vessel (and hence bilingual)


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