Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Blog Layout & Features

Since I know a lot of people only read the blog via their email subscription, I thought I'd take a little time to share what you are missing by not visiting the blog website.

First we changed the layout of the page to make it a bit cleaner (we think). We should also give props to our friends on SV Nyon since they inspired our layout change with their great blog.

Some interesting things to note about the layout:
Can you find the starship??
  1. The top banner image changes each time you visit the site (can you get all 12??) 
  2. On some browsers there should be a little starship before our blog name 
  3. There's a new navigation menu under the banner image with a crew bio, vessel information, the plan and a new where are we map

Possibly the coolest new feature (in my humble opinion), is the new "Where are we?" page which includes an interactive google map of all our position reports since we left Half Moon Bay California!

All the sailboats are places we have anchored or passed through on passage!
Some interesting things to note about the map:
Location details window with explanation of available features
  1. It looks best in full screen mode (I think) 
  2. It is interactive, click on a sailboat for details about that position report
  3. You can see latitude and longitude of every anchorage we have visited and zoom right in (our current location is a red sailboat, yellow sailboats are past locations) 
  4. All blog entries, photo albums and videos are associated with a place 
  5. Using the "< Prev" & "Next >" links at the bottom of an information window you can move from anchorage to anchorage in the order we visited them
I hope this convinces you to check in on the blog website from time to time just to see where we are. It should be especially interesting during the pacific crossing to see our progress across the puddle updated daily using our Single-Side Band radio.

Punta de Mita

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  1. The new blog looks great! Tomorrow I am going home for reading week and then we will be going to Whistler on Saturday. You guys will be missed!


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