Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Cure for the Boat Blues

These last few days it seems like Chris and I have had a bit of the "boat blues" and we couldn't really figure out why.

Is it because our gourmet personal chef has left us?

Is it because we probably shouldn't have stayed in Fakarava North for this weather? The wind and chop have increased resulting in lack of sleep due to howling winds and annoying boat movement.

Is it because we didn't fight enough while Busby was here and it's all coming out now?

Is it because I just *really* miss familiarity, family, friends, Canada and living on land sometimes?

Is it [blank] .....….?

Who knows?

We tried to rationalize our feelings, but got nowhere. So instead we decided to try just having a FUN (= no boat projects) LAND-based day and take it from there. We rented bikes :) I never would have guessed that riding a bike would bring such a smile to my face. They move so fast and are really just so much fun, especially if you haven't ridden one in almost a year. Our day consisted of bike riding, eating out for lunch (what a luxury), eating ice cream (another major luxury) and visiting a pearl farm, where I bought a small black pearl necklace (a huge luxury). We arrived back at the boat a changed couple! Our legs were aching from the bike riding, our bellies were full of ice cream, I had a pretty pearl around my neck and we felt very content with our day together.

I still don't know exactly how we got  a case of the boat blues, but it seems like having a relaxing and fun day on land helped us a ton!  All of our "luxuries" cost about $40 combined, which really isn't a huge amount, especially for a treat. Sometimes you just need a break from the boat and time pretending you live on land….even if it means spending money on non-essentials - it really is worth it! I hope by writing this I'll remember this lesson when we get our next case of the "boat blues" and I'm reluctant to spend money on a "land day".

We were too busy enjoying ourselves to take pictures today, but here are some goodies from Fakarava South. We plan on sailing to Tahiti tomorrow. We'll keep you posted on our progress and whereabouts!

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  1. We had a case of the boat blues too, and it came down to playing for us as well! We'd been working so hard on boat chores, we forgot that we needed a better balance, so we got off the boat and played. I also think it's normal, this is our real life, not just a fantasy: and real life has its ups and downs! We miss you guys! (In Makemo Atoll right now.)


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