Thursday, June 20, 2013

Starship For Sale

Have you grown tired of the view (or lack thereof) out of your bedroom or office?

Have you ever said to yourself "I have too much stuff, and my house is too big"?

Of perhaps you have been looking for a second property in an exotic location?

Well boy do we have an offer for you!

Switch your view to that from the cockpit of Starship!
Simplify your life into a 36 foot sailboat. Or just use Starship as your winter retreat. The possibilities are endless!

Yes Anne-Marie and I are listing Starship for sale! You can checkout all the details in the For Sale! tab of the blog.

Why are we posting this so soon you might ask? We are quite a ways away from Australia after all.

The main reason is to start generating interest early. It can take quite a while to sell a boat, and we want to get that process rolling.

Ideally we are hoping to sell the boat towards the other end of the Pacific ... New Caledonia or Australia after October 2013 ... but if a serious buyer comes along before then we will certainly consider the offer!

We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making Starship the ocean ready boat she is, and we would love to sell her complete to someone who will put her to good use. The price listed on the For Sale! tab is just that, the "turn key" and go, fully equipped price.

So in short, if you are interested in a fully equipped, ocean ready boat, let us know!

Contact us at

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