Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fakarava South Pass, Tuamotus, FP

We have arrived at Fakarava South!

After a very fast paced but smooth sail, the first time Starship has averaged nearly 7 knots, we arrived at the south pass of Fakarava.

Luckily our friends from Cariba were already inside, and provided on the spot information regarding the current in the pass. It was a very hair raising experience, our first pass, coming in close to sunset so one could not see obstacles in the water well, and a large ocean swell causing havoc with the currents, but it all went smoothly and we are very happy to be anchored safely inside!

Anne-Marie already saw her first shark and looks forward to getting up close and personal with them in the water tomorrow...eeek! The snorkeling here is supposed to be amazing. We can't wait!

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