Sunday, May 12, 2013

We are on the move again!

After so long of being anchored or doing short day hops around the Marquesas, it takes a little time to get used to being underway.

Today for example I was preparing a bowl of cereal for myself, an easy enough task at anchor, but we were in some pretty lumpy seas causing the boat to roll hard once in a while. Luckily we have bowls with rubber grips on the bottom, which hold the bowl still under all but the most extreme conditions.

So there I was with my bowl of cereal secure on the counter, topped off with milk, about to put the milk away, when a big roll comes and I hang on to the milk and the boat. Finally the rubber grips on the bowl gives way, and I watch helplessly as it slides across the counter, rams into the cupboards, and deposits half of my cereal onto the cupboard doors and counter top! Milk and cereal is all over the counter and the tracks which our cupboard doors slide in. After some harsh words with the bowl I place it back upright, shovel in as much cereal as I can salvage, and place it back on the counter, this time between the fridge lid and the sink, which creates a slight trough that I felt would surely secure the bowl.

I went about cleaning up the milk and bits of cereal which were everywhere. I removed the cupboard doors to clean out the milk in the sliding tracks. This exposed a wall of canned goods which wobbled precariously as the boat rolled, but they seemed stable enough. Then, just as I was almost finished with the cleanup, another big roll and I watch in amazement as the bowl hops out of the trough, onto the fridge lid and slides into the cupboard doors 1 foot to the right of the one's I had almost finished cleaning! Again depositing cereal and milk all over the place.
This time, I came to my senses and after shoveling up the cereal again, I put the bowl down on the gimballed stove top which I should have done in the first place!

Now I had more mess to cleanup, as the milk had managed to make it's way under the fridge lid and onto the top shelf. So I start taking things off the shelf and placing them on the counter ... a second later better judgment hits me and I start placing things on the gimballed stove top, I'm learning ... (It was early in the morning and I didn't sleep much, so I think I deserve a break on that one) ... The cleanup is going well and I go and grab some bleach and start giving everything the final wipe down when another big roll hits, and a canned good falls out of the opened cupboard behind the stove. That will have to wait until we arrive in the Tuamotus to be retrieved.

Finally, with everything cleaned up, cupboard doors back in place, fridge shelf cleaned and restocked, I filled up my bowl of salvaged cereal with some more milk and went into the cockpit to enjoy my now very soggy cereal.

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