Saturday, May 25, 2013

Loving this Place - Fakarava South

We've run out of fresh produce (except for an onion and grapefruit) our meals are getting pretty creative. Luckily we've still got canned fruit and vegetables that we've been using a lot. Just a few days ago I was thinking of our meals and it made me smile that we're eating so well...even with our lack of fresh stuff. Here was our menu:

Breakfast: homemade muffins and homemade yogurt
Lunch: hummus (thanks auntie Wow), crackers and our last 2 carrots
Dinner: fried fish, lentil stew and a slice of freshly baked bread

Busby has become quite the muffin master and makes them every few days. I'm still making yogurt and improving my break baking. Chris and Busby had a great first spearfishing expedition here. They brought back 2 grouper and a parrotfish, as well as all their fingers and toes. I was a bit nervous about them going spearfishing here because of all the sharks, but they got some good advice from some veteran spearfishers and had no problems.

We keep saying we're going to leave tomorrow for Fakarava North, but tomorrow never comes. Fakarava North has internet, fresh produce etc... that we need. But Fakarava South has the most amazing kiteboarding and snorkeling that we've ever we keep questioning if our "needs" are really more just "wants". There's also lots of little islands to explore with white sand beaches (perfect for yoga) and palm trees (perfect for hammocking). We're all just loving this place so much that it's really hard to leave! I wish I could share pictures of the brilliant colours of the water, the magnificent sharks, the flourescent mouthed clams and our smiling faces...but those will have to wait until we get to the Internet.

Love to all,

P.S. To prospective cruisers, the west side of the pass is a way better anchorage! It's calmer, you can anchor in sand and the beaches are amazing. The only downside is it's a longer dingy ride to the pass for snorkeling/diving.


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