Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boobies and Melons - Day 2

I am very happy to report that I DON'T feel seasick. I owe it all to a medicine you can get in Mexico called Stugeron (spelling?). Thanks to all who gave me this suggestion, I've never felt so good in conditions like this before. What a luxury to be able to cook and eat on Day 2 of a passage with lumpy seas.

I had quite the exciting night. During my watch I was happily listening to a podcast about "Creating New Universes" as I stared at the shimmering moon and contemplated how small I felt. Then I heard a yell and swearing from down below. I leapt out of the cockpit to see Busby with a banana by this crotch. What is happening? I thought. "Just banana on the balls", he yelled up. No really, what is happening? I thought again. "A banana fell out of the fruit hammock and landed on my balls" . Oh ok....that's reasonable enough I guess. I proceed back to my corner of the cockpit to finish my podcast and continued to admire the night's sky. A half hour later, I heard another surprised yell from down below. It was soon followed by "Just banana on the balls". In retrospect, these falling bananas should have been a forewarning for the next event.

As my watch ended at 10:30 pm, I was so excited for what I thought would be 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I fell asleep easily enough but was startled awake to our entire fruit hammock's contents (melons, banana, limes, oranges and grapefruits) falling on top of me. It was a very frightening and painful awakening. I felt like the boat was falling apart and was somewhat relieved when I understood that it was only the fruit hammock. My next thought was "I told Chris that ONE screw wasn't strong enough for the hammock". As if hearing my thoughts, his first words after "are you ok?" were "The screw didn't break Annie, the hammock end just wiggled itself free from all the boat motion". I am so lucky that I changed my sleeping orientation because the fruit landed on my legs instead of on my face. After this experience, I'm NEVER sleeping with my head under the hammock.

Today has been pretty calm compared to the night's excitement. I saw the most beautiful moon-set and then sunrise on my 4:30-7:30 am watch. I then managed to cook us breakfast without killing myself. The guys seemed so appreciative of a warm meal (our first of the passage). The most exciting part of our day has been all the boobies checking out Starship. They are such adorable birds and looks so curious as they fly circles around Starship. I'm happy for the company.

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