Friday, March 29, 2013

Movie Night and Dolphins - Day 5

Last night everyone was in high spirits after the nightly HF radio net. Anne-Marie did a great job moving the net over to channel 6A to avoid the static on channel 8A, and got everyone's reports in a orderly fashion. The full moon was rising and Busby was in the process of whipping up some tortilla pizzas which made me think it would be the perfect night to have the first semi-weekly Starship movie night!

That is how it came to pass that we spent last night sailing along at a pleasant 3.5 knots, sitting in the cockpit, watching the full moon rise, eating pizza & cake all while watching "A Night's Tale". It was quite a magical experience, which I'm sure will not be forgotten by anyone onboard.

The next morning, Anne-Marie and I were awoken to Busby yelling down the companion way hatch "DOLPHINS!! DOLPHINS!!". We shot up instantly out of bed, and once we realized the boat wasn't sinking, we made out way to the bow to see the dolphins playing. It was really neat to see them in such crystal clear blue water.

Those were pretty well the highlights of our day today. We are still hoping for more wind tomorrow, although right now we are trucking along at a nice 5 knots.

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