Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Black Night - Day 9 [English]

So, it's the night. It's all dark, but very dark. We have difficultly seeing the horizon. There's no moon, no stars, only the deep black of the ocean and a dark grey from the clouds that cover the sky. No reflections in the water. No colour anywhere. There's only faint red light from inside of the boat. The red light we use at night to keep our night vision intact.

The wind is blowing between 20 and 25 knots, the waves are present and they sometimes make us travel at more than 7 knots. We surf down the face of the waves, and the boat reminds me of a little rubber ducky in a bathtub. The boat is moving uncomfortably for her inhabitants. The jib is a bit too big for the night's condition and our heading is slightly off. After a few operations with all the crew, the jib is reefed and the mainsail is jibed. After the action, we all go back to our tasks. Everything is back to normal, but the waves and wind are still there.

I am on the first night shift between 9 pm and midnight. Chris and Anne-Marie are doing the dishes and I observe and listen to the world around. There is noise everywhere. The waves are at the tempo and there are creaking noises everywhere...the walls, the ceiling, the doors, the cabinets. The items in the cabinets are banging together. The propeller of the boat is spinning when we go faster than 7 knots, when we are surfing waves. There is always something falling from somewhere. One night, I even received bananas on my balls and Anne-Marie received a fruit hammock on her body.

There is always a muscle being used to keep you in position. Even lying down, it never stops. You have your head moving from side to side, your hips shacking and legs wobbling and being used to stabilize yourself. The stomach is working on bringing the supper down, but the motion of the boat makes everything want to go up. My head is drowsy but not enough to get seasick. It's a constant combat and the only solution possible is to accept it. Live in this moment 100%, so everything can become an unforgettable souvenir.

More to follow...


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