Monday, April 1, 2013

In the Groove - Day 8

The first week out we were really excited to be underway, full of emotions, seeing lots of wildlife and figuring out our routines on board. I feel like we've found our groove now.

- We have our night watch schedule down.
- We've been "showering" every 4 days (maybe we should be doing this more often) with a bucket full of salt water in the cockpit and some soap.
- We figured out how to do laundry, also in the same bucket with salt water and detergent. This method has worked really well. I was nervous it was going to leave the clothes feeling hard, but the material is somehow still pretty soft.
- We inspect all the boat's systems (sails, rigging, bilge pumps etc...) diligently every night.
- I act as net controller every night at 8 pm while Busby cooks us delicious dinners.
- We inspect all our fresh fruit and veggies every 2 days and put anything that's about to spoil in our next meal.

Being in the groove is great, but it's not terribly exciting. I feel like we've become sloth like creatures, napping a lot during the day, reading, listening to music/podcasts starring out into the abyss and pondering the meaning of life. Whenever we do move, it is very slowly and calculated, trying not to bruise ourselves on Starship, which we've done repeatedly. The downwind sailing motion is very rolly and often unpredictable. The boat's motion is way too chaotic to work-out or do any type of exercise, unfortunately. We aren't sleeping the greatest at night due to the boat motion too. I've developed a starfish sleeping technique, where I stretch out my legs and arms are far as they'll go until contacting a wall or lee-cloth. This way, you don't roll around too much when trying to fall asleep. The guys have started to employ my technique and said they're sleeping a little better.

So...I'd say that we've found our "Starship-groove" and are just trying our best to deal with a home that is constantly rolling and rocking ALL over the place, which is often easier said then done.

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