Thursday, April 4, 2013

We are Flying Now! - Day 11

We have been in some great winds for sailing the past couple of days! Today we just recorded a 158nm 24 hour run! That's a whopping 6.58nm/hour, or to put it into perspective, a light jogging speed.

There is a downside to going so fast though, Anne-Marie's sanity.

Once we hit 6 knots, the propeller starts to spin and makes a distinctive wurring noise which fluctuates in pitch based on our speed. Anne-Marie was sleeping (or attempting to sleep) in the quarter berth which is right beside the propeller. She wasn't really enjoying the frequency of the wurring sound as the boat approached 8 and 9 knots surfing down waves, which kept her up all night :(

We even reefed the sails down to keep the boat at a comfortable 6-7 knots, but Annie was already on edge. Hopefully a good sleep (away from the propeller) tonight will get her groove back.

On another note, today I noticed one of the bolts supporting our bimini hand rail/solar panel supports had sheered off! Luckily we caught the problem early, and were able to affect repairs by tapping the hole for a larger bolt size. It was the bolt right beside where we always enter/exit Starship, so I'm sure it just had a lot of extra abuse.

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