Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still Eating like Kings - Day 23

The wind has diminished, so we've slowed down a bit, but we're still hopeful to make landfall tomorrow! Only 105 nautical miles to go!

I'm amazed at how well we've eaten and how much good food we've got left. In terms of fresh stuff we have carrots, apples, grapefruit, onion, potatoes, cabbage and chayotte. Not too shabby after 23 days at sea. We've hardly made a dent into all of our canned meats and vegetables. I know a fridge is a luxury on a sailboat, but I'm really happy to have this luxury on board. Today I made a traditional German meal where you roll spinach in crepes with onion and bacon. It was delicious! It's amazing how much a good meal can lift the moral onboard, as often demonstrated by Busby's cooking magic during our extreme sailing days.

Not too much else to report. We think we saw killer whales yesterday. They were big large black fins, but we didn't get a good luck.

Sending a big hug to all our landlubber family and friends!


  1. Final stretch...almost there!!!!

  2. ALso, I ran in to Tim Gilleran yesterday and updated him on all of your guys progress. He was very surpised and pleased about your adventures, and really happy you enjouyed our HPC treat (and that it still tasted ok..i hope)


    apologies for the poor typing. i hurt my wrist and it is currently immboilized haha


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