Wednesday, March 27, 2013

300 nautical Miles Later - Day 3 [English]

Here we are at 300 nautical miles from the coast. It is more than 500km from any land. 3 days later in the middle of the big blue. The water is magnificent. We have seen turtles, birds and big cargo ships. We called the cargo ship on the VHF radio, to make sure they wouldn't run us over.

Today the ocean is calm and the wind is blowing us slowly towards our destination at only 3 knots. The sails are flapping and barely full of air. The boat is rocking from side to side. The sky is blue, the ocean is blue, everything is blue, even my shorts, Chris' shorts and Anne-Marie's shirt!

I can't wait to dive into that mysterious water at more than ten thousand feet deep under the keel. The water is clear like crystal. I can't wait to feel the goose bumps from jumping into the water, and maybe meet Neptune or a mermaid of my dreams.

See you later, Busby

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