Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slow Ride To The Trades - Day 4

Not much to report today.

We are moving quite slowly towards our destination under really light winds. It looks like stronger winds will be a few days out, as the trade winds should fill in and we can get moving at warp speed.

Moral has been high onboard though! Our main problem has been trying to eat all of the pastries which Busby has been baking. He made some delicious banana bread and banana muffins a couple days back. Then yesterday he made some chocolate banana muffins and a cake! We are still working on all the meals he made as before we left in addition! Life is tough :)

Three boobies spent the night on our bow pulpit last night. It was pretty funny watching them try to land on it. There were 6-8 boobies jockeying for position on the pulpit, and the one's which already landed would squawk and try to knock the others off. In the morning the boobies were still there, and didn't mind us coming up to join them! They just sat there while we walked up to within a few inches of them, and prepared the whisker pole for deployment. Definitely the highlight of the day today.

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