Saturday, March 30, 2013

Message from a Friend - Day 6

I didn't realize how alone I was feeling until I read a message from a friend.

My bestest friend, Treenie, had the idea of giving us 3 messages that we could read at the end of week 1, 2 and 3 of our sail across the Pacific. The messages were emailed to Chris, who saved them in a secret folder, away from my curious eyes before we left. I'm not very good about saving surprises. At the time, I thought the messages were a very nice idea, but never knew how deeply I would be affected when reading them.

The winds have picked up, which is great for our speed, but it also means the seas have gotten lumpier and I felt instantly seasick when I awoke this morning. I also just got my period and everything was annoying me. Does the boat always creak and roll this much when sailing downwind? Has there always been so much mess and clutter around the boat? Safe to say, I wasn't in the finest of moods.

Chris asked me when today I wanted to read Treenie's first message. "Now is a good time", I replied. I got through about 2 lines before bursting into tears, overwhelmed with gratitude for my friend's caring spirit and beautiful letter to us. Chris read the message aloud to all of us in the cockpit as we sailed away. It was a special moment.

Sometimes it's hard to admit to yourself how you're feeling. I'm definitely feeling more alone out here than I thought. Treenie's message was an infusion of love into my soul from a friend, something I didn't realize I needed so much until I got it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear friend. I'm already looking forward to week #2's message.

Maybe the animal world heard that I was in need of a friend because we've gotten many visitors today. We've seen 2 pods of dolphins, dozens of birds (boobies and frigates), flying fish and a sea turtle. To trump it all we saw a boobie standing on a sea turtle's back, with another boobie floating near by, like it was waiting in line for it's turn. What a sight! I'm not sure I would have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes.

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  1. I was behind in reading your wonderful blogs and I also love those French Canadian blogs that remind me of Montreal, my home :)
    I didn't realize you guys were already off in the middle of the Pacific. I took a look at your location on the map and I said "Oh my God!". It freaks me out thinking about that and I'm sitting in the comfort of my bedroom in the sunny San Francisco Bay area! It's just amazing the adventure you guys have had and how far you have come. I'm glad you found a wonderful friend, French Canadian poet and baker to keep you guys company as well. We are all living vicariously through you guys!


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