Saturday, March 9, 2013

Busby's First Days [English]

Hi everyone!

Day 1

Well ... I have arrived! My departure was brief and intense, but smooth and my emotions were under control, especially since this is the 6th time I have left for a long-term trip. I looked at my house thanking her for always being there. I was proud, happy and felt a sense of accomplishment, always with a slight doubt that crosses my mind. Doubt about how my house will be treated while I'm gone, but I will not know until I return.

My friend Sabrina drove me back to the airport, we narrowly made it, as usual. I found a Mexican flight attendant who took me to the front of everyone to save time at check-in. I had no time to sit down, just enough time to go to the bathroom and boom, right into the air we went. I sat next to a lady who was on her way to a cruise ship. It was nice talking about travel already. It was cool! It helped to pass the time and it made me dream of the travel we had ahead.

At my transfer in Atlanta, I was walking in the direction of my gate and suddenly, boom! I stopped ... a cupid struck me with a $450 arrow. I was tempted and yes, she is a pro ... a GoPro with a suction cup that sticks to everything ... the boat, surf boards, kiteboards ... so I can bring you images of our crazy adventure that will make you jealous.

Each transfer was quick and no time fooling around!

Arrived in Mexico, my friends Fox and Anne-Marie were ready to go! We left the airport by bus, which took an hour. We stopped in to eat at a typical Mexican taco stand with a Mexican ambiance, music with trumpets and of course their big sombreros. It was in a small village not far from our anchorage Punta de Mita.

After all the commotion, we were coming to the boat and boom! Here I am here I am! I already felt at home. The atmosphere is too perfect. I started to put my stuff into the small holes of the boat. After all the running around and three plane transfers, I was ready for bed, rocked by the waves for a perfect sleep.

Day 2

28 February morning, I awoke to the sound of waves and the oscillating movement of the boat and a slight creaking of wood above my bed. Light and subtle, repetitive, like a grandmother in a rocking chair. I was up by 6:45, and went on deck to see the beautiful sunrise. I felt so lucky at that time and proud that I have chosen to be a part of this.

Breakfast with fresh fruit, a little heat and a perfect sea breeze.

After breakfast we prepared to go surfing at a spot only 10 minutes away (by dinghy). We arrived at the spot, anchored outside the waves and hopped in! We paddled a short distance right into the surf line up ... the waves were beautiful and perfect. To begin, we paddled a lot and surfed just a little, as usual, of course, you swim for your life and ride a few seconds. It was beautiful and fun and it got me into shape.

Lunch, nap, improvised fishing and improvised dinner crafted by a very happy and content chef, it is already beginning to be unreal ... it's awesome!

Busby working his magic
The advantage of having a chef onboard

Day 3

We got up at 7:15, breakfast, preparing the boat for navigation on the other side of the bay. I learned to put the sails on our boat, the Starship. We then took off and Whoops! Small technical problem already, the boat is not moving as it should. Chris jumped in the water to observe the bottom of the vessel and the engine propeller. Mmmm! We saw that the bottom of the boat is covered with small shells and mollusks. Chris and I put on our snorkeling equipment and cleaned the bottom. Whew, difficult and exhausting, serious work, a 36-foot boat bottom cleaning is not for everyone. Especially out of the water, I see all the little creatures that are stuck to my rash guard. Really swarming and it's really disgusting! We plunged back to get rid of these unwanted animals. Eeewwwww!

We left at high speed, much better than with all that growth. For 3 hours we were sailing in the bay, saw a mother whale and calf about 100 meters from us. Wow! So rewarding, it is the season and there are plenty around so it seems ...

Arrived in Paradise Village Marina. Crazy large yachts in the marina, oh my God! We are here for the meeting of adventurers across the Pacific ... conference, explanations, photos, procedures and cocktails. We met two other Quebecers in their thirties and another couple our age, also very cool. We will also appear in a well-known magazine, Latitude 38, we are the boat with the youngest crew. After the meeting, we had a little hotdog party and chitchat on our boat. It was a very fun and really good evening to the end of our day.
The one place Busby can stand straight
Paradise Village at night
The world of boats is amazing and very inspiring ... it makes my spirits fly and it seems a great lifestyle. People are so resourceful and complete, ready for anything and to do anything. It suits me and I'm in heaven.

La Cruz


  1. Way to go..! Jo go Pro..!
    Viva laventura..!


  2. The neighbor lady in the airplane: Ho! That's me! That look like to be a very nice trip! Enjoy


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