Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Week on the Ocean - Day 7 [English]

So here we are, a week on the ocean. The wind and swell are very present and pushing us quickly forwards. Another 250 miles traveled in 2 days. We are more than 1254 km from land. We still have to navigate for 3800 km of ocean before we arrive. Ouch! This means we still have to be on the ocean for at least 2 weeks...being shacked all over the place by Daddy Neptune...if everything goes well ;) Incredible no? It might look long, but everyday goes by quickly.

The ambiance is good on board. I cook a lot and it's good for our spirit. It's kind of extreme cooking in the kitchen, even dangerous at times. But I like the challenge. Yesterday we were visited twice by large pods of dolphins. It was a wonderful experience. I was even able to fill them underwater in front of the boat. Wow and Wow! The images were astonishing. The ocean is a marvelous blue magic and we can see dolphins everywhere swimming excitedly around the boat. We can even hear them talking to us with their high pitched voices. I will show you the video as soon as we have a good internet connection. Now the emails are through HF radio, with a limited connection.

Other than that, the sail is beautiful, especially in the mornings and evenings. I have a lot of ideas in my head. I'm even designing my first Polynesian tattoo. I'm thinking about all of you a little bit every day. We still have lots of adventures to live and it's always a pleasure to share this with you, but it will be even better when we reach land. Now we have 18 knots of wind at our stern with 10 foot swell, so I'm watching my back to avoid injuring my tall body on our small boat.

To be continued from farther and farther away...


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