Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Magic [English]

We jumped in the water the other night, it was magical! It was a night where the outside was cool, but a night when you really felt like jumping off the boat to rinse yourself off from the hard work done during the day.

You know a night that you really want to jump in cause it looks mysterious out there, in the dark, no lights on, in the middle of the anchorage. It's a little treat to jump in to the unknown and it gives also a little shot of adrenaline, just perfect for that moment.

But it's not that bad and there is noting to be afraid of. We were just 4 to 5 hundred meters from shore and there was just 40 feet of water under the boat. It's not a big deal!

It took a while to jump in at first, the sky was so beautiful and the air was a bit fresh. And then suddenly, splouch! There we were in the water with the magic. We were illuminated by thousand of little indigo lights that surrounded us in the water THE PHOSPORESENT PLANKTON !!! It was like thousands of little magic ferries..... the Peter Pan style. The more we moved, the more it glowed and lit the water up. It was exiting and it made us jump and jump again from the boat. Even the fish under the boat seemed exited and glowed.

It was beautiful to see! It was like a second sky full of stars.

I even had to pinch myself to see if I was sleeping and dreaming. But yes it was true. I even got a sore neck from the crazy diving and excitement, proof that I'm not 20 anymore.

Sunset before the night of magic. 
The sky was on fire

Punta de Mita

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  1. Jonathan, I loved to read your story. You did a wonderful job sharing this magical night.
    Reading it I thought "Oh, I wished I had the idea to jump in the ocean when we saw the sea plankton...I never had thought of it at the time. Maybe the thought never crossed my mind because of the fear factor you describe so well.Continue to enjoy this very special time in your life. XOX Annette


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